Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top 10 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers aren't in it for extravagant gifts and most likely they may not even care for apple-themed gifts. What you already have might be what they need/want. The age of the students and personality of the teacher will determine which ideas are right for you. When planning gifts for teachers consider these ideas:

1. Volunteer in the classroom: decorate/set up for a class party, read to students, make copies, return books to the library, design a bulletin board, share a talent like playing a musical instrument for the class

2. Volunteer outside the classroom: correct papers, plan a class party/run errands,

3. Donate old books/magazines/bookcase. Or order a subscription to an age-appropriate magazine.

4. Give something from your garden

5. Write a personal thank you note (tell the teacher something specific you are grateful for) or, better still, have your child write a thank you note if they can.

6. School supplies: this may seem lame, but if they are needed then it makes the gift meaningful

7. Donate a book to the teacher's classroom library or the school library. Even if the teacher already has a copy of a book they may appreciate additional copies of the book so that more than 1 child can check it out.

8. Classroom activities for indoor days or free time: file folder games, memory game, board games, flash cards ($ store).

9. Homemade goodies: especially something your child can help you with like chocolate dipped pretzels or a cookie bouquet.

10. Gift Cards/Cash. Even a $5 gift card to Wal-Mart is appreciated.

If you do want to do something else for the teacher, try to involve your child as much as you can. The more it is from them the more meaningful it will be.

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