Thursday, November 5, 2009

FHE Lessons

I have an accordion file folder with enough Family Home Evening lessons for one year. Some lessons are detailed and some are brief.

Each of the manilla folders has a detailed lesson inside.

A detailed lesson includes: an attention getter, songs, scriptures, quotes, various activities to choose from depending on the age of your children, a story, visual aids and a recipe for a themed treat.

Here are 9 brief lesson plans. They have an opening statement or question, a song, a few scripture references, and an activity suggestion.

This could be a great gift! You don't have to do lessons for a whole year. Try a month. Or put together 1 lesson, make copies, and give it as a gift to all the families that you know.

You can get all kinds of material here and here.

You could also do a similar gift for families who don't do FHE. Find a craft that is great for the whole family and include instructions and materials to make it.

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