Monday, November 2, 2009

Webcam Storytime

If you are far away from little ones that you love this might be a great gift idea for you. My dad uses a web cam (that is not built in to a computer) and records himself reading books. You could also do this with a regular video camera. The great thing about using a camera is you can show and point to pictures. My kids are glued every time they get a new story from grandpa. It feels so real to them. My 17 month old says "grandpa" every time she sees me get the laptop out. The video I included here is just a portion of a story he sent recently just so you get the idea.

Emailing these files doesn't really work unless you break the story down into segments and send them separately. However, you can send larger files easily using skype (free download web cam software). You can also put the story on a DVD or CD and mail it.

A collection of stories would make a great gift for any child. And you don't have to include the book or even own the book. Don't forget you have part ownership in your local library already!

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