Monday, November 2, 2009

Miniature Donuts

Miniature stuff makes me so happy. This is a picture of some tiny donuts and a quarter that I found here. Donuts are pretty cool on their own and it would be an awesome neighbor gift. BUT when you make them miniature it is like you have reinvented the donut and you become a genius who just gave the coolest gift ever. They used circle fondant cutters ($2.97 at Michael's for a package of 3 sizes). I think they used the 2 smaller sizes to make these.

I checked it out and there are lots of basic shapes (squares, hearts, rectangles, ovals) found in the cake decorating section of the craft store. Miniature cookies (with or without holes in the middle) would be awesome too.

I have also seen regular donuts made with a tiny heart cut out of the middle instead of a round hole (the same idea as these cool marshmallows). Check it out here along with the recipe for apple cider spice donuts. If you like the simple, easy, convenient route here is another great recipe using a can of dough.

And if you like miniature stuff you might like this too.

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