Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In A Pinch?

St. Patrick's Day is almost here! If you are in a 'pinch' (get it?) and need some holiday decor then you are in LUCK! Check out what Heather at Lulu's Tiles has been up to. Thanks to her you can whip out some last minute stuff for St. Patrick's Day!

Lucky Banner made with circles, letter stamps, and ribbon.

This Shamrock Frame is a five minute project using stamps and paper! Heather traced a shamrock shape onto the paper with pencil, stamped the word "lucky" around the line, erased the line, and popped it in a frame. You could do this with so many themes too!

These lucky clothespins make a last minute gift super easy to put together. And all you need are clothespins (I found some at the dollar store - 30 for a $1!), magnets, and stamps to do this project.

Go on over to Lulu's Tiles for the full story. She's got a lot of other great ideas you won't want to miss.

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