Thursday, February 4, 2010

Felt Fortune Cookies

I like this idea for packaging a little treat found here. You can make fortune cookies out of felt and put little treats and notes inside.

Here are the easy peasy instructions (slightly modified from website)...

1. Cut a 4 1/2" diameter circle out of felt

2. Cut a piece of matching ribbon slightly shorter than 4 1/2" and cut a piece of wire slightly shorter than 4 1/2" with wire cutters

3. With a hot glue gun, glue the wire across the diameter of the circle and then glue the ribbon over the top of the wire (as pictured in the second picture above).

note: you can also use matching pipe cleaner in place of the ribbon and wire and glue it down with hot glue

4. Fold the circle in half with the wire/ribbon going along the inside of the fold.

5. Take the two ends of the fold and pull them back towards eachother (but not touching), bending the wire in half, to form a fortune cookie shape

6. Carefully fold up the top flap of the fortune cookie and insert small treats and fortunes.

Variations: For Valentine's Day include a scripture reference about love or a quote about love instead of a fortune. But, this isn't just a Valentine idea. You could make the fortune cookies any color for any holiday or theme. Even a Christmas neighbor gift idea: "We are 'fortunate' to have you as a neighbor!" could be inserted into red and green fortune cookies.


  1. Chocolate is a lot better than those stale waffles that Chinese restaurants give you after your meal.

    The chocolate is the fulfillment of your fortune.

    You don't need a generic message... just eat the candy.

    "Some day you will be older, fate only knows if you will be wiser."

    "An long lost friend though of you yesterday."

    "Something mysterious will happen sometime."

    "Do the number 8, 17, or 42 have any significance to you? Maybe they should."

    "If you aren't eating diner by yourself, then you are probably eating with someone else. If you are and you like them then say thanks for taking me to such a classy restaurant with such great fortune cookies."

    If you get a really awesome fortune cookie it might even tell you who is writing this anonymous comment.

  2. I wish I knew who wrote that comment.

    They have a way with words.

    Creative craft.

    VERY creative comment!


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