Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bow Bouquet

Hair bows are a great gift for any girl. If you want a unique way to package it try a bow bouquet. Get a basket or other container and put a Styrofoam block or a green floral foam block then cover with Spanish moss. Then cover wood skewers (or some other kind of stick) with floral tape and clip the bows to the skewer. Then stick your skewers into the block at varying heights. This idea was found here along with tutorials on how to make bows here and here.

And if you are looking for a GREAT price on alligator clips, bows, flowers, and other accessories then go to haloheaven (as long as you don't mind buying in bulk - I went in on an order with some friends and it ended up being 50 cents per flower/clip including shipping).

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