Monday, November 9, 2009

Bath Salts

Put a few tablespoons of this in your bath to make your skin soft and yummy smelling. I also used a little to wash my hands and it was wonderful. Here's how to make this gift.

Bath Salt Ingredients:

Epsom salt
Sunflower or Vitamin E oil
A tube of your favorite scent (found in the candle-making aisle of the craft store)
A glass container with a lid (check the dollar store)
food coloring

Before mixing, pour the salt into the container that is going to be used and then dump it into the mixing bowl. This helps with not getting too much or too little salt to fill up the container. Remember to leave space to close the lid.

Once you have the right amount of salt measure it and then add half of that measurement of Sunflower or Vitamin E oil. Example: 2 cups of salt and 1 cup of oil. Then mix the salt with the oil for a few minutes in a bowl.

Add the scent. For this cucumber melon jar pictured above 8 drops were put in to start, but then 6 more drops were added to give it a stronger smell. It really depends on your taste and the intensity of the scent you are using. Mix for a few minutes.

Then add food coloring. Since a light green color was desired for the cucumber melon about a 1/2 of a drop was used. (A whole drop was put in and then half of it was scooped out with a spoon). If you want to make a color by mixing the food coloring try mixing it first and then add it to the salt. The colors didn't seem to blend well with the salt and oil, maybe because the coloring is water based.

You could try printing your own design label with the name of the scent and directions for use. and attach it to the container. Bath salt are not recommended for pregnant women or children.

Thanks to Ali for the picture and Hollie for the idea.

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