Tuesday, November 3, 2009

At the Store By Myself

The other day I needed to run some errands. My husband was home for the morning and said he would stay with the kids and I could run out by myself. The entire time I was shopping I was so happy to be on my own and getting everything I needed to done without interruption for 2 hours. I was thinking, "this is all I want for Christmas!"

Do you know anyone you could watch kids for? Need a gift for a baby shower? You could even create little cards with increments of times or blocks of time on certain days that you are available to be cashed in whenever needed (with a little bit of notice). Maybe something like this:

Get "Something" Done
Need a morning shower?
To run some errands?
Do your Visiting Teaching?
Make phone calls and pay bills?
This coupon is good for 2 hours on a
weekday morning to get "something" done.

Date Night Out
Want to go out?
This coupon is good for an evening with free babysitting.
Available Wednesday through Friday 7-10pm

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